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Roof Restoration

All Pro Roofing has over 25 years experience in restoring iron, cement and terracotta roof tiles. David has developed a detailed eight stage restoration process which leaves your old tired roof looking like new at a fraction of the replacement cost.

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With over 32 available colours and a 10 year Dulux manufacturers guarantee, you can rest assured your roof has been restored to the highest possible standard.

Please Refer to the Videos & steps below for the Roof Restoration Procedures

Dulux Roof brochure 1Step 1: Inspection
The entire roof is inspected for damaged tiles, loose or missing bedding and moss/lichen.

Step 2: Repair/Replace
Damaged tiles and faulty valley irons are replaced.

Step 3: Clean
The roof is cleaned using a high pressure cleaner. No chemicals are used to ensure environmental protection.

Step 4: Rebed
All ridge capping is rebedded, where required.

Step 5: Repoint
Ridge capping is then repointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mix.

Step 6: Sterilise
(Where necessary) Any fungal and algal spoilage must be completely destroyed before re-coating, otherwise the growth will continue resulting the potential failure of the roof restoration.

Step 7: Primer/Sealer
The entire roof area is coated with an acrylic sealer/primer to ensure strong adhesion with the 962 Roof Membrane.

Step 8: 962 Roof Membrane
A water based, highly elastic and strong build coating for application to concrete roof tiles and metal roofs.

Roof Repairs

Repairing roof leaks quickly and effectively is critical to protecting the exterior and interior of your house or business. All Pro Roofing has a thorough damage detection process to find the cause of leaks.

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roof repairs newcastle port stephens central coastWe take a professional approach to roof repairs and include the following:
  • All broken and chipped tiles will be replaced.
  • Re-bedding on all ridge caps and gables.
  • Re-pointing on all ridge caps and gables.
  • Lead flashing repair or replacement.
  • Valleys either treated for rust or replaced.
  • High pressure cleaning.
  • Water proofing

Repairing roof leaks quickly and effectively is critical to protecting the exterior and interior of your house or business. All Pro Roofing has a thorough damage detection process to find the cause of leaks. We make repairs with quality products using proven techniques to make sure leaks do not reoccur. David will give you an honest assessment upfront, and not try to sell you a complete roof replacement when a repair is all you really need.

Signs of roof damage and leaks:
  • Tapping noises in your ceiling when it rains.
  • Brown stains on the ceiling or walls.
  • A damp feeling in the house or building.
  • Broken, cracked, or loose roof tiles or other roof fixtures.
  • Rust on roof fixtures.
  • Water overflowing from your gutters.
  • Missing flashing or flashing that is peeling back.

We take roof repair seriously, and will take steps to minimize water damage before repairs can be made. If the damage is caused from a storm, your repairs might be covered by insurance. Our experience can help you navigate the confusing details of insurance claims.



roof repairs 2 newcastle port stephens central coastroof repairs 3 newcastle port stephens central coast

New Roof

We also can supply you with the following roofing products & Services: Concrete Roof Tiles, Terracotta Roof Tiles, Monier Roof Tiles, Re-roofing Service, Re-Sarking your roof.

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The All Pro Roofing Experience

What makes All Pro Roofing different? Deal direct with David Millard, the owner and operator. You will receive superior customer service by having your own dedicated roofing specialist to guide you through the process.
David is a little old fashioned and believes that the key to a great business is customer service and being focused on the wants and needs of a customer.
Don’t take our word for it - hear it from our very happy customers below!

Experience 100%

Work Ethic 100%

Knowledge 100%

Attention to Detail 100%

Unbeatable prices & quality workmanship for all your roofing needs.

Trading off the same licence number since 2005!




Hi, I’m David Millard! Owner & Operator of All Pro Roofing - YOUR personal roofing specialist.
Why should you choose All Pro Roofing?

I'm fully licenced, I do the job right, every time, and to the highest standards.
Get the All Pro Roofing touch to your roof for the best price everytime & learn to love your roof again!
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